Apostolic Ambassadors – Annual Report 2017

Praise God in the precious name of our Lord Jesus.

I want to thank you personally for your prayers and support for the efforts of the AAWWM to promote the Apostles Doctrine during 2017.  Your prayers and gifts have been effectual in the spreading of this truth, Jesus Christ is the Son of God, all over the world.

In East Africa, hundreds of new converts have been added to the church upon believing God raised Jesus from the dead, identification with his death in the waters of baptism, and the receiving of the Holy Spirit to walk in newness of life.  By your help several training centers have been established training both ministry and the new converts in the foundational principles of the Doctrine.

Here is list of the different ministers, evangelists, pastors and ministries in East Africa your donations supported.

In Kenya

Bishop Mambo Gideon
, has been preaching the Apostles’ Doctrine in the Ogembo-Kisii regions of Kenya, overseeing over a dozen rural village churches.  Through the Bethsaida Brotherhood Ministries, many have come to the Faith of the Son of God. These dear brethren minister to many orphans, vulnerable children, and the poor in their region.

Pastor Douglas Makori just recently baptized several dozen new believers in Jesus name in the Ogembo Region.  Pastor Douglas has been consistently preaching the Apostles’ Doctrine among the people in the region.  Pastor Douglas operates My Savior Lives Orphanage, meeting the needs for scores of children.  An orphan himself, Pastor Douglas has a heart for orphans, providing for their needs, including education, as well as food, clothing and shelter.   This fine young man deserves all the support by prayer and donations any can contribute.

Brother Sayo Sassi just this past year has planted a new assembly among the Masai at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro.  Imagine, God has granted great grace among the Masai in sending this Gospel of Peace among this ancient and proud people.   Over 30 Masai have been baptized and ministered to.  The need here is so great for bibles, teaching materials, and human necessities.  These dear ones are suffering immensely enduring a severe draught in the southeast Kenya region.

Bishop Obadiah Kimanzi oversees a ministry that consists of over 40 churches all over Kenya, including a few in Uganda.  The Bishop just recently planted churches in the Mount Eldorat region where two whole churches received the Apostles’ Doctrine and were baptized.  Bishop Kimanzi is also responsible for the establishment of several churches among the Masai over the past 2 years.

Sister Susan Kguku, wife of Bishop Kimanzi, is supporting the widows in the Mwingi region by purchasing donkeys, which the widows share to earn money by carrying goods, supplies, and water for people in the region.  This program has been supported by your donations which have been used to purchase 2 donkeys over this past year.  The widows have access to a donkey for 1 or 2 days a week to haul supplies for local residences, earning money for their own livelihood.

Bishop Samson Nduku is senior pastor of the Mwangaza Christian Fellowship in Northeast Kenya, where he oversees over 40 churches.  He is a tireless preacher of the truth of the Son of God, baptizing many, many new converts, teaching and preaching, Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

Bishop Moses Abiga of Rusinga Island has baptized over a hundred new converts in Lake Victoria in Jesus name, preaching Jesus is the Son of God.  He has held a number of conferences teaching the Apostles’ Doctrine.  He also cares for nearly 50 orphans on the Island.  Bishop is great need of bibles for the new converts.

In Uganda

Bishop Bossa John works with hundreds of pastors in the Jinja-Iganga regions of Uganda, right near the source of the Nile River.  Bossa John has conducted numerous conferences communicating the Apostles’ Doctrine to large numbers of pastors in the region.  The Doctrine has been well received among the brethren there, many, many new converts being baptized in Jesus name.

Bishop David Wandera has been conducting conferences and revivals in the Iganga region.  Brother Wandera has successfully reached out to a number churches and conferences in the far northeast region of Uganda and even into the area Northeast Kenya.  The Bishop operates a beautiful school for youth in the region and operates an orphanage for many children.


Bishop Ibrahim Lubega and his wife Beatrice run an orphanage and school in the Luweero region of Uganda, just north of Kampala.  The AAWWM was instrumental in building an assembly and training center for the establishment of the Apostles’ Doctrine in this region.  Bishop Ibrahim has been so very effective in preaching and teaching the Doctrine among ministers and the people in this region.  Over this past year, many new converts have been added to the assembly in Luweero.

Pastor Joel Kigozi has been preaching the Truth of the Son of God in the Luweero region.  This past year, Pastor Joel has baptized so many new converts, establishing them in the Kingdom of God.   He is a tireless promoter of the Gospel, evangelizing the region, teaching the people, building on a great foundation of truth.

Bishop Peter Eroni is a dynamic evangelist, reaching out to remote regions, preaching the Gospel among the villages of Uganda, baptizing many, many new converts.  He also pastors a growing assembly near Kampala.

In Rwanda

Bishop Immanuel Gatera received the Apostles’ Doctrine and was baptized in Jesus name in August of 2016.  Since that event, Pastor Gatera has endured a good deal of persecution for his stand on the Son of God.  Many of his former brethren have cast him off and accused him of heresy.  Many of us have enjoyed such attacks ourselves.  Bishop Gatera has persisted through this persecution, establishing himself on a firm foundation, preaching the Apostles’ Doctrine in far western Rwanda and Burundi.

Bishop Jean Pierre Nkunda has been so instrumental in the promotion of the Apostles’ Doctrine in Rwanda.  Jean Pierre oversees a large contingent of pastors in Rwanda, where the Doctrine has been received with great joy.  Several thousand new converts have been baptized in Jesus name over the past 4 years, with hundreds of pastors and ministers.  Bishop Nkunda has taken this Gospel to the Congo, Burundi, Tanzania, and Malawi.

In India

Pastor Paul Babu miniters in the Tuni Region of Central India, not far from the Bay of Bengal.  Pastor Paul, together with his father and brother tirelessly preaches the Gospel of the Son of God, reaching out to churches in all the surrounding villages.   This past November, Pastor Paul hosted a conference at which I presented the Apostles’ Doctrine in a 2-day conference in a village near Tuni, where over 50 local pastors attended.   Since that conference several were baptized in Jesus name.

Over this past year AAWWM has added nearly 200 new pastors to our network and over 200 have completed our training program (AD 101) in the foundational principles of the Apostles Doctrine.  We have no idea what the exact number of ministers who have been converted to the Doctrine over these past 4 years.  The conferences with Bossa John alone numbered over 600.  I believe we who believe and contend for the Truth of the Son of God, for the Knowledge of the Son of God delivered by the Apostles of Our Lord Jesus Christ, have a grave responsibility to establish these ministers on the firm foundation of this truth and to aid them, as God gives us grace in the promotion of this truth throughout East Africa, India and other countries.

Our text book on the Apostles’ Doctrine has been translated in Swahili, Ugandi, Rwandi, French, and Telugu, the language of southern India.

Everyone who attended our conference in Tuni, India received a copy of Apostles’ Doctrine in their native tongue of Telugu.

We have provided hundreds of bibles to ministers and new converts.  None of this would be possible were it not for the generosity of you and all the brethren that have so willingly given to support these efforts.  We must, WE MUST, continue in these efforts to supply bibles and other teaching materials to the brethren.

Here is what I would like to see this coming year to continue these efforts.  I am asking that you prayerfully consider what I envision and if you possibly can participate in this vision.  First of all, we have great expectation that these zealous ministers in East Africa and India will continue to convert their people to the Gospel.  The new converts will need bibles and instruction in the faith.  The preachers themselves will need help to go to the villages and cities to promote the faith.  The churches will need support for their expenses.  The need is truly great, but God’s grace, we all know by experience is sufficient for the task of the hour.   I am asking that all of you who have been so generous continue in your generosity.  When you lay this letter of thanks down, please prayerfully consider what you might contribute to these efforts.  You might be able to occasionally give a donation to the AAWWM or perhaps, you could commit to a monthly stipend to the Network.  Which ever is the case, please remember our efforts, partnering this coming year with us in meeting the need.

This assurance I continue to give to you.   Funds will only be disbursed to ministers and ministries that promote the Apostles’ Doctrine.  The AAWWM only supports those ministers we know on a personal basis.  We depend on these ministers to then distribute to their brethren that likewise promote the Apostles’ Doctrine.  While, the AAWWM from time to time aids the orphans and vulnerable, when possible, we devote our efforts to the work of preaching the Gospel.  All the funds donated to the AAWWM go towards this effort.  I personally cover the expense of administration and the fees involved with the transfer of funds to the mission field.  You may designate where, to whom, or for what purpose you desire your donations to be applied.

If you have any questions concerning the work of Apostolic Ambassadors, please contact me.  Our goal is the promotion of the Gospel of the Son of God, according the Apostles’ Doctrine.

Donations may be made by sending them to:

Apostolic Ambassadors World Wide Ministries
43 Southbound Gratiot Avenue
Mount Clemens, MI 48043


May God, in His great wisdom, direct our paths by His Spirit, according to His Word, filling us with His grace that we might be fruitful in every good word and work, working that which is pleasing in His sight, in Jesus name.

Your servant in Christ Jesus and the Love of God,

Bishop Bill W. Williams
Director of Domestic and Foreign Missions
Apostolic Ambassadors World Wide Ministries

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