First Training Course Completed in Wakiso, Uganda

Consoladated Report from Sister Nakacwa Jane to the AAWWM

Full ministry training report of the Apostolic Believers starting on March 3, 2017. Dear Bishop, greetings to you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Bishop the first training session has begun with your video “We must believe the apostles”,  and “What does it take to be saved”  Pastor Edward conducted training from our textbook, The Apostles’ Doctrine using the chapter “The apostles preached, God raised Jesus from the dead.”  Videos followed “Apostles preached part 1 of 2 and part 2 of 2.”  Trainer Sister Jane with Pastor Isaac and Pastor Saul administered the quiz with questions and answers.

From that start, 8 more sessions followed, dealing with the topics of the Significance of Baptism in Jesus name to the Believer and the Promise of the Holy Spirit.   An emphasis was placed on what the Apostles preached concerning Jesus Christ and that the preachers preach no other Gospel than that the Apostles first preached.

By the time the 9th Session, completed just this past Friday, October 6, 2017, 38 pastors participated in the Training Sessions that make up the course AD101, An Introduction to the Apostles’ Doctrine.  At the final session, Sister Nakacwa Jane and Pastor Edward awarded the 38 participants with Certificates of Completion.

Sister Jane and Pastor Edward have converted 25 churches with the Pastors, Elders, Ministers and Brethren to the Knowledge of the Son of God, baptizing over a 1000 new converts in Jesus name, many, many of them receiving the Gift of the Holy Spirit.  The need to establish these dear brethren in this Gospel cannot be over-emphasized.

Apostolic Ambassadors World Wide Ministries by the generosity of all who contribute to this effort has taken on this vital role, to train ministers, pastors, and the people to be able to stand upon the knowledge of God, the Father and Jesus Christ, whom God sent.  This task is daunting and could never be possible without the grace of God and the generosity of all of you who support these workers.


To provide bibles for each participant, a textbook, travel expenses where necessary, food and other training materials cost over $2000.   We have several of these training sessions going on at the same time in different parts of East Africa.

Without your prayers, your commitment to funding, your zeal to spread this Gospel, none of this work could be possible.  Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.

God bless each and every one of you, in Jesus name.  You are affecting the world for the truth’s sake, fulfilling the prayer of the Lord Jesus, “That they may be one, that the world might believe you did send me.”

Now we must continue on with this labor.  We cannot rest, but must work ever so harder to promote the Apostles’ Doctrine.   Your help is needed and deeply appreciated.  Please do not forget this Labor of Love in your prayers and donations.

Apostolic Ambassadors World Wide Ministries is a Network of believers who work together to spread this truth, Jesus is the Son of God.  To contribute please send donations to,

Apostolic Ambassadors World Wide Ministries

43 Southbound Gratiot Avenue

Mount Clemens, MI 48043

Report submitted by Bishop Bill W. Williams, Director of Domestic & Foreign Missions

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