New Building in Busula, Uganda to Serve as Church and Training Center

Bishop Ibrahim Lubega, together with the congregation of believers in Busula, Uganda are in the process of building their new facility.   This new facility will serve several very important functions, the chief being as an assembly hall for their congregation and as a training center for new converts and ministers.

Bishop Lubega, just this year is reporting tremendous growth in the membership of the congregation in Busula.  This growth, along with the need to train new converts and ministers has necessitated that Bishop Ibrahim move from rented buildings to a building over which he has complete control.  So, after purchasing the land, the congregation has begun this building project.  First the dear brethren held a service consecrating the ground and their labor.

After 2 weeks of labor the foundation is laid, the toilet facilities built and the walls are started.  Now the walls need completing, the roof built and a floor laid.

Apostolic Ambassadors World Wide Ministries endorses this worthy project.  From this center the Gospel will continue to be preached and the Knowledge of the Son of God will be disseminated throughout Central Uganda as God gives grace.

Please partner with Bishop Ibrahim Lubega and the congregation of this great assembly to complete this project.  Donate today to:

Apostolic Ambassadors World Wide Ministries
43 Southbound Gratiot Avenue
Mount Clemens, MI 48043 USA

or by

God bless you in Jesus name.
Bishop Bill W. Williams
Director of Domestic & Foreign Missions


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