The Gospel Is Preached Among the Masai — 10 Baptized in Jesus — 7 Received the Holy Spirit — Bibles Distributed

The candidates for baptism in Jesus name with some
some of the baptisms.


June 5, 2017

This morning I received the report from Bishop Obadiah Kimanzi of the conversion, baptisms, receiving of the Holy Spirit and distribution of Bibles among the Masai near Amboseli, Kenya.  Here is the report.

Bishop Kimanzi went down from Mwingi to Amboseli on June 5, with 10 Bibles in hand to distribute among some of the Masai Brethren.    The church he visited in within a long stone’s throw of the Amboseli National Animal Park, about 40 miles north of Mount Kilimanjaro.   The pastor is Isaya Karusi.  Pastor Karusi was baptized in Jesus name back in 2015 by Bishop Kimanzi and has been a steady proponent of the Apostles’ Doctrine among the Masai.  He pastored the church in Amboseli when he was converted from the Trinity to the knowledge of the Son of God by Bishop Kimanzi.  At that time about 30 Masai were also baptized.  Since his baptism in 2015, Pastor Isaya has opened 3 more churches in the region.

Some of the brethren in Amboseli with their families and children

This past Sunday, Bishop Kimanzi baptized 10 more Masai and 7 received the Holy Spirit.  Then, Bishop Kimanzi passed out 10 Bibles among the brethren in Amboseli.  Baptisms must be done during or right after the rainy season as there is no water during the dry season.

Bibles were passed out among the Masai believers

Bishop Kimanzi has also sent me pictures of 2 orphans that need support from the brethren.  Sister Mary Perkette who has charge over the orphans is concerned for the welfare of these 2.  It takes about $70 each every 3 months to keep each child in a private school.  We are looking for partners to help with these beautiful children.


Ophans that need sponsors for to educate them

If you desire to help with these missionary efforts, please send donations to:


Apostolic Ambassadors World Wide Ministries

43 Southbound Gratiot Avenue

Mount Clemens, Michigan 48043 USA.

or by

Please keep these needs before the Lord in prayer.


Bishop Bill W. Williams
Director of Foreign and Domestic Missions

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