Donkey for Widows in Kyome

The widows in Kyome, Kenya, a small village in Eastern Kenya, earn a living carrying water from a dry river bed to homes in the region.  They often must do so by transporting the water in 5 gallon plastic cans on their backs.   A widow woman can make two of those trips a day, earning 20 cents a trip or 40 cents a day.  Solution:  With a donkey a widow woman can earn up to $2 a day making a couple trips with the donkey with 4 to 6 cans of water per trip.


Widows with their donkeys fetching water.


Digging for water at a dry river bed


Widow woman carrying water on her back for 20 cents a load

Apostolic Ambassadors with the help of generous brethren has purchased a donkey for the widows of the church in Kyome.  This donkey, named Baraka, is a fine large male donkey, capable of easing the burden for the widows.   Sister Pat Williams, of Mount Clemens Apostolic Church working with Sister Susan Nguku of Mwingi, the city near Kyome helped purchase Baraka.


Baraka, the Donkey with Sister Penina and the widows receiving the gift.

Sister Penina, Chairperson for the Widows of Kyome writes, “With the love and the faith we have in Christ, we stretch ourselves in great harmony in the things we do to face each day.  With courage we have mercy to go round and thereby rejoice with laughter.  We are so grateful to you (the generous donors) for your helping hand.  Thanks a million.”

Sister Williams says, “We hope to purchase another donkey soon, which will most certainly aid these dear widows in their daily struggles.  Life is so difficult for these women.  We must do all we can to help them in the Lord.”

God bless you all, you generous people of God for your submission to the leading of the Lord in helping with this needful project.   To donate to this project and to the work of promoting the Apostles’ Doctrine in East Africa send all donations to:

Apostolic Ambassadors World Wide Ministries
43 Southbound Gratiot Avenue
Mount Clemens, MI 48043




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