34 New Converts in Buzimbira, Uganda

February 19, 2017

I just received today this report from Sister Nakacwa Jane and her husband, Pastor Edward.

Glory be to God Bishop.

Greetings to the Brethren from Pastor Muwonge Jimy in Buzimbira.  Bishop we have ministered the following topics and the church has deceived them well.  Today “The significance of baptism in Jesus name to the believer”  “The promise of the holy spirit.”  Bishop today 34 souls hàve been won to Christ. Hallelujah.

Can we not all rejoice in the grace of God in Uganda.
In this past year, Sister Jane and her husband have baptized nearly 800 new converts.  Now it is our job or privilege to support this effort.  We desperately are in need of bibles and training for the pastors of the 13 different churches Sister Jane has taken the Apostles’ Doctrine to.   Join us in partnership with God in the administration of this work.

Your prayers and donations are most welcome and needed.  Send all donations to:

Apostolic Ambassadors World Wide Ministries
43 Southbound Gratiot Avenue
Mount Clemens, Michigan 48043

or to Paypal.com/BW3943@mac.com

Please visit our website at AAWWM.com and our
FB page, Apostolic Believers.

God bless in Jesus name.



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