Bishop Bill and Sister Pat promote the Apostles’ Doctrine in Kenya

In July and August of 2016, Bishop Bill and Sister Pat Williams carried the Gospel to Kenya, East Africa.   They visited 12 churches in Kenya teaching and preaching the Apostles’ Doctrine.  Bishop Bill held 8 conferences on the Doctrine, Jesus Christ is the Son of God and not God.

In Kenya, Bishop Bill visited and held conference for 2 days in Amboseli with Bishop Obadiah Kimanzi.  The church in Amboseli was founded by a joint effort of Bishop Williams and Bishop Kimanzi among the Masai.   The Masai are an ancient proud people who are noted for men wearing red tunics and the women wearing colorful attire.  They live at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, and are mostly herders of cattle and goats.  The men often serve as guides to the Amboseli National Park, known for its herd of nearly 1200 elephants.

Bishop Kimanzi baptized over 30 new converts among the Masai in 2015.  The Masai believers are dedicated to the Apostles’ Doctrine, living in hope of the resurrection from the dead at the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.18029_10207073213058357_1534055477881973899_n

Bishop Bill then went to the Kakamega region of Kenya and held conferences in Kakamega, Chweli, and Bungoma.  The people there were so receptive to the Gospel, pouring out hospitality and enjoying the teachings of Bishop Williams.  Bishop Samson Nduku was the host Pastor of these events, preaching and teaching in partnership with Bishop Williams.  While in this region, bibles were distributed to churches pastored by Pastor Joel in Chweli and Pastor Peter in Bungoma, paid for by brethren in America.

From Kakamega, Bishops Nduku and Williams journeyed to Rusinga Island to a conference hosted by Bishop Moses Abiga.  There the Apostles’ Doctrine was preached among ministers who are in that region along the north shore of Lake Victoria near Homa Bay.  The people rejoiced in the Gospel, and about 35 new converts were baptized in Jesus name.

From there, Bishop Bill help meetings in Ogembo with Pastor Douglas and Bishop Mambo Gideon.  The teachings were well received and the people rejoiced.DSC00007.JPG

The Apostles Doctrine is the preaching and teachings of the Apostles of Jesus Christ concerning the Kingdom of God.  The Lord Jesus prayed that those that believe on him would do so according to the word of the Apostles.   The Apostles preached that Jesus is a man approved of God (Acts 2:22), whom God anointed with the Holy Spirit (Acts 10:38), who died on the cross, was buried, whom God raised from the dead and glorified (Acts 2:22-26, Acts 3:13-36 and others).

Upon believing the Apostles’ Doctrine, new converts are to repent, be baptized in Jesus name, and receive the Holy Spirit. (Acts 2:37-39).

For more information on the Missions in East Africa and the Apostles’ Doctrine please contact:

Bishop Bill Williams

Apostolic Ambassadors World Wide Ministries

43 So0uthbound Gratiot Avenue
Mount Clemens, MI 48043

To support the Missions please send donations to the above address or

2 thoughts on “Bishop Bill and Sister Pat promote the Apostles’ Doctrine in Kenya

  1. We are grateful for this wonderful report. We still need you Bishop Bill to come back Kakamega, other parts of Kenya and East Africa and minister as well as encourage the brethren you left behind. At least in this coming year 2018. We as well need specific materials and how to go about with the trainings for certification to the true believers of apostolic doctrine. Blessings


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