30 New Converts Baptized in Jesus Name In Rural Uganda

This past Sunday, Pastor Edward and Sister Nakacwa Jane went to Buswekera

Hoima to present the Apostles’ Doctrine to an assembly pastored by Pastor Baine



Here is the report Sister Jane sent to me that evening.

Greetings to you Bishop and the brotheren in the highest name of our Lord Jesus

Christ son of God ,Am very happy to report to you Bishop that the following topics

have been taught at pastor Baine Jackson in Buswekera Hoima : ” THE


PROMISE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT” We have baptized 30 people,praise God-

Bishop.Much greetings from brethren there.
We thank God for the efforts of Pastor Edward and Sister Jane.  These efforts are

greatly enhanced by the willingness of God’s generous people to support with their

prayers and donations the ministry of several brethren in East Africa.  These

ministers are very zealous to promote the Apostles’ Doctrine.  Many of these

ministers were affected by the Missionary Journeys of Bishop Bill Williams and

Sister Pat Williams in July 2016.  Bishop Williams visited several churches in

Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda preaching the Apostles’ Doctrine.
For more information on the Apostles’ Doctrine, Jesus Christ Is the Son of God,

Baptism in Jesus Name, and the Promise to Every Believer of the Holy Spirit,

please contact Bishop Williams at the address given below.


To aid these efforts to promote the Apostles’ Doctrine please send your donations


Apostolic Ambassadors World Wide Ministries

43 Southbound Gratiot Avenue

Mount Clemens, MI 48043


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