Missions in East Africa on Fire

Over 10, new converts baptized in Jesus name between July of 2014 and July of 2016

August 24, 2016

To all the dear brethren in Christ, supporters of the Missions in East Africa and other regions,

Praise God in Jesus name.

First of all, I must thank God for you all, and thank you all for your prayers for our missionary journey to the brethren in East Africa and Tanzania.  We enjoyed a safe and most profitable trip, seeing the work of God in those regions.   It was by your prayers and your constant support for this trip that Sister Pat and I were able to go and minister freely the Apostles’ Doctrine among the dear saints and new converts we visited.
In Kenya, we traveled to the interiors of eastern and western Kenya, visiting churches new to the faith.  We ministered the doctrine, praying for and encouraging the brethren there to be established upon the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets of our Lord Jesus.  We were received gladly and the Word of God flourished among the ministry and brethren there.  While in Chwele, a city in northwest Kenya, we distributed Swahili bibles.

Most notably, while in Kenya, as you remember, a Masai man, Brother Sayo, requested that we start a work in Amboseli near Mount Kilimanjaro, among the Masai.  I asked Bishop Kimanzi to go there, and when he went he baptized many of the Masai in Jesus name, planting an Apostolic Church.  The brethren were so gracious and thankful for the truth of God’s Word, thankful for bibles we distributed, and rejoiced to see us.

In Tanzania, we flew to the city of Mbeya, not far from the Zambia boarder, where we ministered to the pastors and brethren from Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia and Mwanza, a city far to north in Tanzania.  We distributed funds for bibles to brethren from Mozambique and Malawi.

Then, we returned to East Africa and the nation of Uganda.  Traveling to churches near Kampala, we met so many new pastors and brethren who have embraced the Apostles’ Doctrine with all their heart.  We were so encouraged by their faith and their commitment to the doctrine.  Then, traveling to the interior of eastern Uganda, we taught for a number of days among many hundreds of brethren, baptizing many, and seeing them established by God in the Truth of the Son of God.  Uganda is on fire for the Gospel.

 Finally, we flew to Kigali, Rwanda.  There we ministered to many brethren and pastors, preaching about the foundation of the faith, “Jesus is the Son of God.”  One pastor there testified of what we were teaching, saying, “I have learned three important things while listening to the teachings of Bishop Bill; 1.  That God is One and not a Trinity, 2.  That Jesus Christ is the Son of God and not God, 3.  Why we are baptized in Jesus name; because it is the Son of God who died for us, not the Father nor the Holy Spirit, and his name is Jesus.”  That pastor’s testimony sums up the purpose for which we visited these dear brethren.

While in Kigali, I was visited by Pastor Emmanuel Gatera of far western Rwanda.  Traveling four-and-a-half-hours one-way by bus, Pastor Gatera came to see me at our hotel in Kigali.  After passing some pleasantries, I asked him what he thought of the doctrine.  He told me that he had read my book and that I had convinced him that God is not a Trinity and that Jesus is the Son of God and not God.  I then asked him about the baptism in Jesus name.  He said, “That is why I have come.”  So, I took him up Kigali Mountain, overlooking the city of Kigali, found a mountain stream, and when he had confessed, “I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God,” I baptized this young pastor in Jesus name.   We took him to the bus depot, and he got on his bus for another four-and-ahalf-hour ride back to his home.  Before leaving, he told Sister Pat, “This is the most wonderful day of my life.”  Bishop Gatera is lead pastor of over 40 churches in Rwanda.
While in East Africa, Sister Pat and I visited the sites where funds were given to build 5 baptismal pools.  We saw all 5 pools and even had the extreme joy of baptizing many new converts in 2 of the pools.   Glory to God!  While we were in East Africa, I baptized and participated in 85 baptisms.   I also received reports of many, many more being baptized immediately after I left Africa.

God certainly blessed our journey to East Africa.  What can I say but, thank you brethren for your constant prayers, support, and confidence you have shown us to do this work.  God knows that we could not have made this journey without your  generosity.  We shared that undeniable fact everywhere we went.  We thank God for you and for His marvelous grace in providing for this trip and for the joy of sharing this Gospel.
Now, I must report that the brethren in East Africa continue to need our support, both in prayers and materially.  There is a desperate need for bibles, for teaching materials, help

in ministerial expenses, help for orphans, and many other needs.  Our first priority is for bibles and teaching materials.   As we are able, by your faithful giving, we will provide for those needs.  Another priority is the setting up of Ministerial Training Centers in different places.  Please keep this work in your prayers and continue to help towards these needs.   We know God will provide for all the needs of the people by His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.
Sister Pat and I love you all.  We cannot thank you enough.  We will continue to remember you in our prayers that God enrich you by His grace and stablish you in His will, perfecting that which concerns you.

God bless in Jesus name.

Bishop Bill W. Williams Director of Domestic and Foreign Missions

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